CCTV lens/ Security lens(I)

CCTV lens Security camera lens

Security CCTV camera lens debugging method (I)

Lens debugging method of CCTV camera: Attaching the cctv lens, note CS/C mount types, usig adjustment ring...

OmniVision announces first 64-megapixel 0.8-micron image sensor

OmniVision announces first 64-megapixel 0.8-micron image sensor

How to select a good machine vision lens?

machine vision lens

Optical lens basics (III)

MTF Aperture Depth of field

Optical lens basics (II)

focal length field of view C mount CS mount

Optical lens basics (I)

Optical lens is an indispensable component in the machine vision system.  It directly affects the quality of the imaging. It affects the implementation and effect of […]

Traffic lens helps artificial intelligence

In traffic management, artificial intelligence is mainly used for moving object detection and recognition. The commonly used application scenarios include the following four parts: 1、 Dynamic […]

What happens when you focus lenses from infinity to shorter distances?

To focus on shorter distances, s-mount lenses have to be “unscrewed” . On first glance this seems to be very different from larger Lenses like C- […]

What’s the relationship between the main features of a lens?

We describe here the (yes, complicated) relationships between : Focal Length F-Number (=F#) Entry Pupil Exit Pupil Viewing Angle Chief Ray Angle Image Circle Object side […]
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