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Since founded in 2012, Xiamen, China, TOWIN has grown into a PROFESSIONAL optical lenses supplier. There are almost ALL kinds of lenses to meet your requirements. It will be EASY for you to find the lens on website and contacting us. Your lenses will be selected and shipped out in a FAST way.


TOWIN has developed all series of lenses including: M12 / S mount lenses, CS-mount lenses, C-mount lenses and other mount types, such as F-mount, M10, M8, M7, M6, M5, M3.5 small mount lenses and so on.

The M12 / S mount lenses include:Low Distortion lens, Fisheye board lens,Wide Angle board lens,Low Light Sensitive lens,Megapixel Pinhole lens,Megapixel CCTV Lens,IP67 Waterproof Automotive lens.

They are widely used in different applications like driving recorder, waterproof car rear view, action camera, drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV), IPC network camera, security, CCTV, video doorbell, scanner, digital telescope, face/iris recognition, Advanced driver assistance systems for automobiles (ADAS), law enforcement, high temperature metallurgy, smart homes, 360 panoramic video surveillance.

The CS-mount lenses include Fixed focal megapixel lens, Vari-focal Day&Night lens, Manual Iris HD CCTV lens, DC Auto Iris security lens, P-Iris IR corrected lens. Mainly used in security monitoring, video surveillance, CCTV, traffic monitoring and other fields.

The C-mount lenses include industrial lenses and intelligent traffic systems (ITS) lenses. Mainly used in the fields of factory automation (FA), machine vision(MV) and road monitoring.

TOWIN has built long and great business relationships with global customers, for example Celestica, IDS, E-con systems, Fullwill technology, The Imaging Source, Varioptic, Parrot, Corning, TOSY Robotics ...

TOWIN will serve our customers globally with the mission of "Fast matching lenses for customers". And we regard "To be a global professional optical lens center" as our vision to always provide the high-quality lenses.

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